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No matter what you may be experiencing, there is support for getting your life on a better track. Many, many Veterans have found the strength to reach out and make the connection. To find the Veteran resources most helpful for you, fill in your zip code or state below and then check the boxes to indicate the programs or topics you are interested in learning more about.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Resources

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  • VA Medical Centers offer a range of acute care and community-based outpatient services, including mental health resources, diagnostics, homeless and alcohol/drug abuse programs, nursing home, and respite care. Patient Advocates are available to make sure your voice is heard at all stages of your treatment.
  • Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) Outpatient Clinics are local VA locations that provide Veteran support through primary care, counseling and mental health services, laboratory analysis, prescriptions and radiology services.
  • Vet Centers provide readjustment counseling and outreach services to all Veterans who have served in any combat zone, as well as their family members. If you are a combat Veteran or experienced any sexual trauma during your military service, bring your DD214 to your local Vet Center and speak with a counselor or therapist—many of whom are Veterans themselves—for free, without an appointment, and regardless of your enrollment status with VA.
  • Each medical center within VA has PTSD specialists who provide treatment for Veterans with PTSD. In addition, there are nearly 200 specialized PTSD treatment programs nationwide.
  • Specially trained Suicide Prevention Coordinators or teams are available at all VA Medical Centers across the country to provide free, confidential, and caring help.
  • VA chaplains work with you at your request to identify your religious and spiritual needs and desires, address spiritual injuries, and enhance your spiritual health.
  • Veterans Benefits Administration Offices provide services to Veterans seeking benefits related to compensation, pension, vocational rehabilitation, home loans, death benefits, employment, and disability.
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Resources and Support