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Many of our Nation’s Veterans—from those who served during World War II to those involved in current conflicts—leave the military and face an array of life challenges, including difficult experiences, transitions, troubling symptoms, and mental health conditions. The Make the Connection public awareness campaign is key to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) efforts to support Veterans and encourage them to access the support and care they deserve and earned.

The success of Make the Connection depends on support from everyone who interacts with Veterans: friends, family members, and people in communities nationwide as well as Veterans Service Organizations, community-based groups, and local health care providers that have direct contact with Veterans every day. We need your help to build greater awareness of and the numerous other resources that are available and improving the lives of our Nation’s Veterans.

Spread the word and encourage Veterans and their families and friends to visit

We also want to hear from Veterans who have sought and received mental health support—from any source, including VA, community providers and faith-based organizations—and are in a better place today because of it. If you know someone who is willing to share his or her story, please email

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Download a variety of online banner ads and badges to use on your website and link to Make the Connection. Banner ads and badges are available in standard sizes approved for sites as well as public sites.

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Download a range of attractive Make the Connection materials to view, print, distribute, or display.


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Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 Press 1