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Active Duty

As an active duty member of the military, you are always prepared to deploy—whether to a base overseas, into a combat situation, or domestically in response to a natural disaster or event. Some active duty members may have seen and experienced things—whether in the military or civilian life—that affect their well-being or get in the way of their relationships, work, or daily activities. Perhaps you’ve been acting in ways or feeling emotions that concern you or others, and you’re looking for ways to get a handle on the situation. Maybe you’re drinking too much, having difficulty sleeping, or dealing with always being on edge. Whatever your situation, there are resources and support available to help you manage these and other issues, and help you get back on track.

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Family and Relationships

Relationships have a major impact on life. If you are dealing with family and relationship challenges, there are services and resources for Veterans that can help. It can get better.

Transitioning from Service

Adjusting from military service to civilian life can be both exciting and challenging. There are steps you can take and resources available to help you make the transition a success.

Death of Family or Friends

There are services for you if you find grief over the death of a friend or family member is interfering with your relationships, work, physical health, or ability to get through the day.

Alcohol or Drug Problems

Using drugs or alcohol might be harming your health and relationships and could be a sign of substance misuse or dependence. Support and services are available to help Veterans deal with problems with alcohol or drugs and get their lives on a better track.


PTSD may develop as a result of traumatic events. Treatment works and can help you deal with PTSD symptoms.