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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) launched the Make the Connection campaign to help Veterans and their families connect with services that improve their lives. The campaign encourages Veterans and their families to “make the connection”—with other people, with resources, with symptoms of mental health issues, and with treatment and support—to get their lives on a better track.

The success of the Make the Connection campaign depends on support from everyone who interacts with Veterans: people in communities nationwide as well as Veterans Service Organizations, community-based groups, and local health care providers that have direct contact with Veterans every day. These groups are partners in our efforts to build greater awareness among Veterans and their families and friends of and the numerous other resources that are available to help improve their lives.

As a VA partner or Veteran supporter, you play a critical role in spreading the word about the campaign and encouraging Veterans and their families and friends to visit In addition, if you know a Veteran who sought and received mental health support—from any source, including VA, community providers and faith-based organizations—and is in a better place today because of it, please send an email to